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Get amazing results for your campaign with our performance marketing network. We do not charge for any impressions or clicks, instead only for the results you receive

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Extremely High Quality

With strict publisher approval and screening process, you can be sure our traffic is of hight quality. We work together with advertisers and optimize well to ensure we bring profit to you.

Real-Time Reporting

Our analytic tools will help you understand where and how your offer is running-in realtime! Make changes to your campaign and see changes implemented in seconds.

Absolutely No Fraud

We have dedicated staff and automated systems to detect bad quality traffic source and instantly pull them off from your system. Get real, high quality visitors to your campaign.

World Wide Reach

It doesn't matter your audience are based on America or Japan, we have quality traffic from almost every geographical location you need for your brand.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

Testimonial 01
On average I was earning around $2,000 a month with my blog. After working with revlocker I immediately seen a spike in revenue. My $2,000 months have literally jumped to $6,000+
Lars Holden
Testimonial 02
After working with quite a few networks in the incent space the biggest issue I came across was the inability to teach how what I can do to earn more with my current assets. After switching to revlocker my account manager gave me valuable tips that doubled my daily earnings.
Brian Johnson
Testimonial 03
As a media buyer Iím always looking to increase my ROI on every dollar spent. Since implementing Revlocker exit monetization tools from every $1 spent I get back $3 on top of the income from my main product.
Tommy Peters